A European leader to maintain and transform your data centers

Jiliti is a key European player providing multi-manufacturer maintenance services for data centers (Network, Storage, and Server).

Jiliti has been supporting you for over 40 years, in France and worldwide, from designing IT architectures, distribution, integration, maintenance and proximity to upgrading at the end of the product life cycle.


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Jiliti is your trusted partner to effectively manage your IT budgets and equipment. Our multi-manufacturer and multi-technology approach means you can enjoy all the benefits of a Single Point Of Contact model (SPOC) and competitive solutions to optimize the life cycle of your infrastructures and reduce your costs.

At Jiliti, our experts put customer service first when caring for the performance of your IT infrastructures.

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Jiliti Offer 2023

Service centers

Completely rethink the maintenance of your IT infrastructure to improve operational and financial performance.

Adapt your IT infrastructures to your business challenges.

Save time and optimize your IT budgets by outsourcing your IT services to a data center.


7 Good reasons to choose third-party maintenance of infrastructure

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