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Completely rethink the maintenance of your IT infrastructure

With 40 years of maintenance experience under our belt, we have our own resources on hand for managing the main hardware and software technologies that make up your IT infrastructures. Based on our unique single point of contact model, this service aims to simplify and streamline your IT maintenance contracts. As a result, you will experience operational performance benefits and save money.

These solutions involve:

Tierce maintenance (TPM): Independent manufacturer’s maintenance performed implemented by us at attractive rates, with a view to offering contractual flexibility for adding and removing hardware, along with a responsive and expert local service.

Hybrid maintenance: In accordance with the technologies and manufacturers’ policies in place, any guarantees required for the use of your IT infrastructure will be integrated in a way that responds to your needs, thanks to agreements we have with numerous manufacturers/publishers.

Governance: Manufacturer/publisher warranty extensions, or extensions from other third-party IT maintenance contracts, are incorporated and managed as part of Jiliti’s global agreement.

The objectives we share with you:

  • To ensure the availability of your IT infrastructures
  • To reduce your costs
  • To simplify and streamline your IT maintenance contracts
  • To efficiently manage the life cycle of your IT equipment

The Jiliti benefits

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Recognized expertise

Benefit from the expertise of France’s leading independent* maintainer (1) for 40 years to guarantee the availability of your infrastructures 24/7, 365 days a year.

(1)“PAC |teknowlogy” 2021 studies/*Excluding manufacturers with captive fleets

Network of people

A local organization

Rely on our industrial organization, our central logistics and our 29 French offices to provide you with the best solution to meet even your most stringent requirements.

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Managed economies

Take advantage of our independence and our advice to get the best possible economic balance while taking into account your production challenges and control the life cycles of your infrastructures.

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Peace of mind with single governance

Simplify the management of your multiple maintenance agreements and equip yourself with global decision-making tools.


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