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A dynamic team at your service

Expert and closely-knit managers with clear responsibilities aligned around a common objective: to listen to your needs anytime in order to meet your requirements and care for your IT infrastructures.

Top management

Team Jiliti - photo of Stéphane Hascoët

Stéphane Hascoët


Equipe - Lydia Radix Managing Director

Lydia Radix

General Manager, Western Europe

Team - Ron May CEO StorTrec

Ron May

General Manager - Central Europe and North America

Team Jiliti - photo of Nadia Gacem

Nadia Gacem

Chief Financial Officer

Team Jiliti - photo of Benoît Mahieu

Benoît Mahieu

Deputy General Manager

Team Jiliti - photo of Thierry Tissier

Thierry Tissier

Head of Delivery & Operations

Team Jiliti - photo of Jemma Derouck

Jemma Derouck

Head of Human Resources

Team - photo Michel Jeanjean

Michel Jeanjean


Team Jiliti - photo of Alexandra Piquet-Gauthier

Alexandra Piquet-Gauthier

Head of Legal and Compliance

Team - photo Sylvain Bougeard

Sylvain Bougeard

Head of M&A

Team - photo Tiphaine Gyenes

Tiphaine Gyénès

Head of marketing communications


Team Jiliti - photo of Jean-Dominique Fabry

Jean-Dominique Fabry


Team - photo Edoardo Rossi

Edoardo Rossi

CEO Italy - Prime Service

Team - Christophe Leclercq Managing Director Computer Trade

Christophe Leclercq

Managing Director Computer Trade

Equipe - Josef_Kainz_Jiliti

Josef Kainz

CEO Austria


Team Jiliti - photo of Xavier Medioni

Xavier Medioni

Channel sales Director

Operational team

Team - photo Marin Lecomte

Marin Lecomte

Productions Director

Team Jiliti - photo of Franquelin Lopes

Franquelin Lopes

Technical Director

Equipe - photo Gaetan Ollivier

Gaëtan Ollivier

Delivery Director